Potlikker is Finally Here!

Potlikker is Finally Here!


We wanted to let you all know that we have launched a new brand today available for retail and wholesale.  We are super excited about it as it has taken us a year to develop Potlikker Greens Boil and that day is here.   Just in time as the fall season approaches.  Essentially it is a flavor base to mix with water, add greens, and boil.  The greatest part of eating a hot bowl of greens (collard, mustard, turnip, cabbage, kale, Swiss chard) is the delicious broth it’s simmered in.  We’ve done all the work up front with this product so our customers can enjoy delicious greens with no hassle!

What is Potlikker:

Potlikker is defined as “the flavorful broth leftover after cooking a mess of greens”.  This savory elixir is one of the most historically relevant of all foods, and it’s roots are engrained deep in Southern soil.  Throughout history, Potlikker was saved and used as a nutrient-rich base for gravies, soups,  or a delicious broth to dunk or crumble cornbread in.  Potlikker can be utilized in a wide variety of culinary applications and is an important part of any Southern cook’s repertoire.  Forage South Potlikker is ready to go on its own but it’s also delicious with the additional of smoked ham hock or bacon.  Just add water, greens, and boil.  Simple and delicious!

Flavor Profiles: Garlic, Onion, hint of sweetness, smoky bacon, smoked black pepper, sea salt, and a hint of vinegar.

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