Updates, Happenings, and Everything In Between


What’s new with Forage South? Basically, everything. We have been talking about putting products out on the market for a long time now, and it has finally happened! Bluebird’s Biscuits, the first of a full line of southern pantry items, is now available for purchase. We have been to a handful of events in the area and are slowly but surely becoming available on-demand to you guys. In short, we are growing! As the biscuits and other products become available in stores, we will let you know where you can find us. We now have a Facebook and Twitter account (give us a ‘like’ and a follow!). Owning a business has been a dream of ours from day 1, so we are certainly enjoying the ride right now. We have been working so hard to share our love of food with you through all of our social media outlets and through Brandon’s cooking itself, but now you will have the opportunity to enjoy all of the Forage South goodness in your own home whether or not you are someone who feels confident following a recipe with more than a few steps. For now, try the biscuits and keep your eyes and ears open for new products and more happenings with our brand new venture! We will keep you posted!

Lessie & Brandon

P.S. Interested in reaching out to us? Questions about products? Feel free to email us at ForageSouthInfo@gmail.com and we will get back to you right away.